Monday, April 6, 2015

Zentangle Trees

I wanted to share one of my favorite art projects which combines the use of color (warm vs. cool) and the very popular art form of Zentangles.

Prior to this art project, we had spent a couple of days practicing different Zentangle ideas, and we talked about the importance to creating a graphic pattern. My students really took to it, and came up with some really great ideas.

Once there were ready I gave everyone a blank white paper that had a faint grid on it, with a large circle. Using this, we drew an outline of a tree, and as you can see, the trees' branches overlap, but stop when they reach the edge of the circle.

Each section of the tree features a different Zentangle pattern, and we used both Sharpies and Bic flair pens, to give different sizes to their patterns.

For the colors the students have a choice... either they color within the circle all warm colors: red, orange, yellow, or they choose cool colors: green, blue, purple. For the outside of the circle, they do the opposite set of colors. Students use colored pencils, and color each box dark... to follow cover up each grid.

They turn out so well when they are done, and really look great when mounted on black paper.

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