Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I've been a bad, bad, blogger

To say I've been neglectful of this blog would be putting it mildly. There's plenty of excuses... life has been crazy, the change in grade levels took up a lot of my normal blogging time, I'm lazy, etc. etc. And while I haven't been blogging myself, I've still been scouring everyone else's blogs and being a bonafide lurker. So when I saw Farley was having another "Currently" this month, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to ease back in to the world of being a participating blogger.
Truthfully, I've missed blogging and talking with everyone. And I'm excited to be back. I look forward to reading everyone's blogs... my old favorites, and new ones too!

Listening- I'm a huge hockey fan, and while my beloved Sharks were knocked out of the playoffs in the last round, there are a few games left. I'm watching as I do other things, so in reality I'm just listening to the game.... oh! Bruins just won! They are leading the series 3-0, which means one more game and they knock out the Penguins.

Loving- My new explorer! I finally got a new car. My mustang was 9 years old and even though it was in really good condition too, I wanted a bigger car. I had an explorer in college, and I'm so glad to have one again. It's shiny and black, got a lot of bells and whistles...

Thinking- I've been obsessed with Interactive Notebooks and I'm been spending a lot of time planning how I'll use them next year with my fifth graders. Pinterest has been a huge guide in my journey!

Wanting- To find more time to blog. I've been neglectful. I want to get back into blogging and join the world of fabulous teachers that I've been reading for years.

Needing- I'm trying to pretend that I don't still have report cards looming over my head. I'm almost done, it's just the dreaded "comments" section left.

3 Vacay Essentials- (1) A good book. Summer is when I do most of my reading and since getting my Kindle I've been reading like crazy. (2) iPhone... what did I ever do without this thing? (3) Chapstick... am I the only one obsessed?!


  1. Hi Mel,

    I found your blog through Farley's Currently. :) I used interactive notebooks with my K-4th graders in science this year, and I LOVED them (the kids did, too!).

    Good luck with your report cards! :)
    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

  2. I found you through Farley's blog! I just love her rule of 3. I always find new blogs!