Sunday, July 8, 2012

Google Apps in Education

One of the best parts of living in the Bay Area is the abundant amount of technology all around. This Thursday and Friday I am attending the First Annual Google Apps in Education conference in Santa Clara, California. I'll be heading down with a colleague, and it's set to be 2 days of lectures and workshops to find ways to utilize all the technology Google has to offer in the classroom.

Since I'm kind of a technology nerd, I'm beyond excited to get to learn new ideas and see the best ways to use them in my classroom. There are 8 different sessions, and we get to choose from a wide variety of topics. Some of the sessions are even being presented by colleagues from my school district. We have two teachers who are Google certified teachers, so they are constantly doing things with Blogger, Picasa, etc. It will be a thrill to learn from them.

I'm teaching 5th grade this year, and I'm always looking for new ideas to get my students more involved. I'll be starting a class blog with my students, which I've been contemplating for some time, and I know this conference will give me a great amount to choose from.

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