Monday, July 16, 2012

Teacher's Notebook

I've recently opened my own shop at Teacher's Notebook. I only have a few things up so far, some are free and some are fora small fee. I'd love you to check it out! Hopefully you'll find something on there that you can use.

I just downloaded the trial version of Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, so I could work on making new items, giving them a more professional feel, as well as easily converting them to PDFs. I only have the trial for 2 months, so I'm trying to get my use out of it. Overall I really like the way Microsoft has updated everything. Makes it very user friendly. It's fun to redesign some of my old files to make them more appealing.

Who ever said teacher's have summers off?

Also, I finally ventured to my classroom today for the first time since I moved classrooms. I'm slowly working on unpacking boxes and getting it set up the way I'd like. My mom is coming with me tomorrow to help. Every year she helps organize my desk... what a way to start the year off! Thank goodness!

Once the classroom is all set up, I'll post some before and afters. I've discovered that after teaching for 8 years, and 4 different levels, I've accumulated a ton of stuff. The one good part of moving classrooms so often, I have a chance to downsize a lot, but unfortunately since I'm still not set in my grade level, I can't throw everything from lower grade levels away... because I know when I do, I'll be back there and wishing I had it again.

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