Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday

Hello again! I'm back with another Tech Tip Tuesday! I'm hoping you found the last one informative. Please make sure you link up if you have your own tips, or comment and let me know if any of my tips end up being helpful to you. I'd love to know!

For today's Tech Tip Tuesday I'm introducing you to an awesome website, if you're unfamiliar with it. Kahoot! is an interactive quiz, discussion & survey site. All you need is a couple of minutes to create your Kahoot and devices for your students. They can use anything with a wireless connection to participate.

Creating your Kahoot is fast and simple. Choose from the 3 choices: quiz, discussion, or survey.

Give your Kahoot a name and then you're ready to put it together!

You can decide how many questions to ask, and how many possible answers are available for each. In the picture above, I created a survey for the 1st week of school to better get to know my students. You can have anywhere from 2-4 answers to choose from. You can also include a corresponding image. Since I created a survey, there is no correct answer, however if you are creating a quiz, you would also select the correct answer. Once your Kahoot is created, you are ready for your students to take it!

Kahoot works by allowing any student with a device to join your game by typing in the game's code. The players type in their name and they're in! 

The questions are only displayed on the front board as you project it. The students only see the answer choices to select on their devices. You can also choose how many seconds your students have to select their answer.

After each question, you'll see how many people selected each answer. Since this was a survey, you'll see it in bar graph form, as there is no right answer. When making a quiz, you will see how many students' selected the correct answer, and students get points for choosing the correct answer quickly. 

Kahoot is completely free and is guaranteed to make test prep & study guides more fun for your students!

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