Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Guided Math in Action: Chapter 7

Conceptual Understanding
  • Students have a conceptual understanding of what they are doing. 
  • Teachers use manipulatives, scaffolds, and tools. 
  • Students work together, with a partner, or alone to solve problems. 
  • New Common Core standards ask that students be able to explain and illustrate their understanding of concepts
Procedural Fluency
  • Understanding how to do mathematical procedures
  • Students use their conceptual understanding to compute flexibly using different methods.
  • Written procedures, mental math, use of calculators, computers, or manipulatives
Strategic Competence
  • Students being able to solve problems & represent their thinking
  • Students represent their thinking numerically, symbolically, verbally, or graphically
  • Students look for a "pathway" to find the solution
Adaptive Reasoning
  • Students can think logically about math
  • Students can explain and justify what they are doing
  • Teachers create a talk-friendly environment
  • Students need to know what they say is important & they will not be mocked or belittled
  • Students should be able to explain their thinking aloud to a group of people, make connections with their thoughts
Mathematical Disposition
  • Teachers should boost students' confidence by giving scaffolded "just-right" problems that they can solve successfully. 
  • Teachers foster flexibility by talking about more than one way to do something 
  • Encourage perseverance by allowing students time to "wrestle with the problem"
  • Students should always be given the chance to reflect about the math they are learning

I'm heading off for vacation on Friday, so unfortunately I won't be able to participate in the last few chapters of this book study. I've really enjoyed reading Dr. Nicki's book, and I will finish it on my own.

Thank you Sarah & Courtney for hosting this book study! It's definitely expanded my math horizons!

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  1. Thanks for participating, Mel! Enjoy your vacation and start back to school this year... :0)