Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where I Am

Linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the second day of their Teacher Week. Today's theme... Where!

Now in a perfect world I would be revealing my classroom today... but... I'm not. It's not ready yet. I'm hoping it will be by Friday. Well, it has to be because students come to school on Monday! 

So, while I can't reveal the new classroom, I can show you what last year's theme looked like. 

Students turned in their work in labeled bins. I love wire bins! My library was divided by author's last name. Made it much easier for my 5th graders to put books back in the correct areas. By 5th grade, we're not as worried about book levels, but rather, students are beginning to really have favorite authors and genres.

My theme was black and white, with a few pops of blue and green. Those labels all came from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files. Love them!

My papasan chairs. Man, do the kids love them. But they are so noisy! Any time the kids would move in their seats, it was very noticeable. They may be comfortable but they are annoying.

So that's last year's room... I promise the classroom reveal will be coming this week!

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